8 Houses in London SE19 |The Francis Drake Collection

Francis Drake Collection

Titled: 8 Houses in London SE19 |The Francis Drake Collection

Introducing The Francis Drake Collection, where history meets luxury in the heart of Upper Norwood. 

Our collection of exquisite homes pays homage to the rich heritage of this remarkable area, once shrouded by the Great North Wood, a lush oak forest that thrived on the outskirts of bustling London. 

The name “Norwood” itself is a testament to its wooded past. Local lore whispers that the iconic ship, the Golden Hind, commanded by the legendary Sir Francis Drake, was crafted from the very timber hewn from these ancient trees. Sir Francis Drake, the intrepid English explorer and privateer, etched his name in history with his audacious circumnavigation of the globe in 1577-1580—the first-ever English circumnavigation.

Today, the Great North Wood still stands, a patchwork of age-old woodlands that bear witness to centuries of history. In a nod to this legacy, each of our magnificent homes within The Francis Drake Collection is christened after distinct sections of this verdant sanctuary. 

The Biggin, The Convent, The Dulwich, The Grangewood, The Hillcrest, The Lawns, The Streatham, and The Sydenham – all evoking the spirit of this woodland tapestry. 

Just as wood from these ancient groves shaped history in its time, our elegantly appointed residences, named after their sylvan counterparts, are poised to leave an indelible mark on the pages of modern luxury living. 

Embrace the essence of this historical enclave and experience a life of timeless sophistication at The Francis Drake Collection.

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